[Updated] Top 10 Latest Mobiles In India| March 2019

Did you know there are over 300 million smartphone users, out of which 70 million are 4G uses? India is already the second largest 4G market in Asia and the world, behind China (704 million).  With 52 million mobile users, Jio ranks 3rd in India with 280 million subs, and ninth largest in the world. And with the availability of the latest 4G mobiles in India, 4G connectivity has become the new battleground for smartphone makers ever since Reliance Jio raged a war so as to compete in the low-cost segment.

From Xiaomi and Motorola to Lenovo and Microsoft, smartphone manufacturers are combatively pushing their 4G smartphones to the Indian market in a bid to sustain the rat race. Our list top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India may help you pick a right phone for you.

4G became a household name after Mukesh Ambani announced Jio for free that includes 4G services as well as talk time. Soon after 4G became the upgrade of the year, persuading at least 5 out of 10 smartphone users to upgrade their 3G phone to 4G. By December 2016, the total number of 4G users in India had crossed 70 million. As per a report published in Economic Times, 4G to account for 17% of India’s total user base by 2020 followed by 4G revenues to reach Rs 80K crore. To know more about Reliance JIO 4G phones, click here.

If you are yet to own a 4G smartphone and cannot decide which one to buy, here are your options. We have listed down the top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India, which offer the right balance of connectivity and performance apart from long battery life, high-end camera quality and latest design.

These handsets have been hand-picked by us out of the umpteen 4G smartphones available in the Indian market and should offer you the best performance worthy of your budget in this price segment. We’ve only covered phones that support 4G LTA network such as that of Jio, Airtel 4G, Vodafone 4G.

You can click here to avail great discounts on your 4G smartphone.

Here’s the list of top 10 latest mobiles in India as of March 2019:

  1. iPhone XS Max
  2. Google Pixel 3 XL
  3. Samsung Galaxy 10
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  5. Samsung Note 9
  6. Samsung Galaxy S9
  7. Google Pixel 2 XL
  8. OnePlus 6T
  9. LG V40 ThinQ
  10. Apple iPhone XR

 1. iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max



 2. Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3XL


3. Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung galaxy s10


4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

huawei mate 20 pro



5. Samsung Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9



6. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung galaxy s9



 7. Google Pixel 2 XL

pixel google 2xl



 8. OnePlus 6T

oneplus 6t



9. LG V40 ThinQ

lg thinq v40


10. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone Xr


So those were the top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India. Hope you found this post useful! Let us know which one you are going to buy and let us know an extended review in the comments section!

Top Adventure Sports Destinations in India That Will Flow In That Adrenaline!

Remember what Richard Branson said? “If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be the top priority.”
Lazing around on the beach gulping cans of beer is a convenient escapade from the humdrum of your 9 to 5 life. But there are days when you want to ditch the beaches and do something that makes your heart beat faster than the walk on the beach. If you need the real ‘high’ in life, what’s better than experiencing thrilling adventure sports at the best adventure sports destination in India, right?

Done then! Pack your bags and get ready to feel your pulse racing with activities that are sure to give you an adrenaline rush and how! Here’s a list of most enthralling adventure activities in India along with the best destinations to try them in. Grab your Thumbs Up and get set go to do something “toofani” with your best pals, or maybe solo!

Here’s a list of Top 10 Adventure Sports in India along with the most thrilling destinations to experience them.

1. Water Sports

i) Flyboarding

I am very sure Hrithik Roshan’s flyboarding scene in the movie Bang Bang has already made you add the water sport to your bucket list already. In the league of extreme adventures, add Flyboarding and get ready to fly over the sea waves for as high as 15 meters. A combination of Jetski and Jetpack, this adventure sport has a hose that flies you in the air with high water pressures. Thrilled already? Find out where you can experience it and then book your tickets right away!

Your favorite destination just got a little more exciting. Goa gets the fame to start India’s first ever Flyboarding station. The city is attracting adventure buffs across the country and beyond with Flyboarding and you cannot miss it at any cost.

Location: Baina Beach
Flyboarding Cost in India: The package starts from 2500/- and goes up to 7000/- per person
Best time to visit: October to May

ii) River Rafting

Dashing through the rapids of a chilly river is truly possible only if you are an adventurer at heart, As exciting as it looks, River Rafting is one of the most difficult and risky water sport that’s really famous among the people. Have you experienced this yet? If not, here’s a list of places to do River Rafting in India.


Rishikesh is synonymous to river rafting. This holy town in India is also one of the chicest places to party and live a thrilling experience.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 750/- to Rs 1850/-
Best time to visit: March to mid-May, September to mid-November

Kullu Manali
The high rapids of Beas River will give you a major adrenalin rush when you sit on the rafting boat to experience the interludes of rapids.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 1,000/- to Rs 1,500/-
Best time to visit: September to June

One of the top things to do in Spiti Valley is River Rafting. This “Little Tibet” of India is a package for every adventure seeker. The beautiful snow covered mountains, picturesque landscape, green valley, refreshing river, and amazing food. What more do you need?

Best time to visit: May to mid-October

iii) Scuba Diving

Explore the unveiled secrets of the underwater world with Scuba Diving in India. Dive deep into the diverse, bright colored marine world and witness the spectacular beauty of coral reefs. You can also get Certification for Scuba Diving in Andaman and Lakshadweep.

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Scuba Diving at Andaman has found a place in the travel bucket list of every adventure enthusiast. The scuba diving equipment and diving quality at there is unmatched in the world and people from all parts of the globe come to experience this thrilling sport.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 3500/- to Rs 38,000/- (depending on the package)
Best time to visit Andaman & Nicobar Island: November to mid-May


A hidden gem near Gokarna, Netrani, also known as Pigeon Island is a heart-shaped isolated island that’s nothing less than a hidden paradise. Netrani is a comparatively new destination for scuba diving in India but is now getting noticed by tourists for offering pocket-friendly adventure sports.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 1,999/- to Rs 4,999/-
Best time to visit: December to February


Lakshadweep is the best place to experience the blue lagoons when you dive through clear azure water. This pristine piece of nature is totally breathtaking and the coral kingdom underwater promises a once in a lifetime experience.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 1,200/- to Rs 28,000/-
Best time to visit Lakshadweep: Between September to May

2. Skiing

If your skiing dream isn’t fulfilled yet, book your tickets to up north of India and traverse down the fluffy snow. The snow-capped mountains in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are calling you to experience Skiing and you cannot say no to this.

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Imagine yourself speeding downhill on your skis amidst a landscape nothing short of a paradise! Skiing in Gulmarg is an experience that’ll be etched in your memories till the last. Skate through the white, powdered slope and live the adventure sport you have always seen in the movies. The ski run ranges from 450m to 14kms. You can ski till almost the top of Mt Apharwat with your ski trainer. the place also makes for a wonderful honeymoon destination.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 370/- to Rs 3,350/- (for Indian Nationals)
Best time to visit: December end to mid-February
Nearest Airport to Gulmarg: Srinagar Airport

Auli, Uttrakhand

The beautiful town in Uttrakhand is the next favorite destination for ski lovers in India. Auli is one of the most popular ski destinations in India and you cannot deny this. The Ski stretch in Auli ranges from 400m to 4kms.
Pro Tip – Do not ski after 2 PM as the snow gets hard and you might find it difficult to bring back the best ski experience

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 300/- to Rs 500/-
Best time to visit: January to early March
Nearest Airport to Auli: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradoon

Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Solang Valley is a popular Ski destination but not very well-equipped. While the beginners will definitely have fun, the professional skiers might get a little disappointed with the lack of the types of equipment and rescue resorts.

Estimated Cost Per Person: Rs 300/- to rs 500/-
Best time to visit: December to February
Nearest Airport to Solang Valley: Bhuntar Airport

3. Mountain Biking

This adventure isn’t for someone who’s here for “just fun”. Mountain Biking is a thrilling adventure sport in India that requires grit, determination, and utmost attention. If you’re game for that, check out these destinations where you can do mountain biking in India.

Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

This is, by far, the most favorite destination for every biking enthusiast. A “Trip to Leh-Ladakh” is literally on everyone’s list and I’ll tell you why you need to visit the place soon. The Leh-Zanskar stretch is especially curated for the adventure seekers who live for the thrill in life. Ride through the mountains, lakes and a mesmerizing landscape under extreme weather conditions is something meant only for people with zeal and determination. You can also consider Manali-Leh or Kargil stretch for your biking tour. This Mountain Biking tour lasts for 14 days.

Estimated Cost Per Person: You need to get in touch with local organizers for price
Best time to visit: June to September
Nearest Airport to Leh: Leh


The beautiful trails down south are ready to surprise you with unimaginable beauty. Munnar, the refreshing and one of the most beautiful destinations in South India offers cycling trails through tea plantations and hills. Ride through the mesmerizing road to know the tea plantation in real and maybe stop by to have a hands-on experience yourself.

Best time to visit: December to February, March to April and June to September
Nearest Airport to Munnar: Cochin International Airport


A green town of misty hills and coffee plantation, Coorg is home to a lot of cycling enthusiasts in India. Take your bicycle and ride through the rustic lanes of this beautiful town located 264 km away from Bangalore.

Best time to visit: June to September (actually, throughout the year 😛 )
Nearest Airport to Coorg: Mysore, Mangalore, and Bangalore

You can also consider traveling to Manali, Pindari, and Nainital for a cycling adventure.

4. Paragliding

Remember Lata ji’s old song from the movie Chori Chori? “Panchi Banu Udti Phiru Mast Gagan Me”
Humans have fancies flying since time immemorial. No matter how ‘real’ a flight is, it can never give a “real” flying experience. For days when you want to inhale the fresh air, in air…consider experiencing Paragliding. It’s enthralling!

Bir, Himachal Pradesh

A small village in Himachal Pradesh, Bir is the first place to host the first ever World Cup of Paragliding. The village has more than 11 paragliding spots and the experience is truly unbelievable.

Best time to visit Bir: October to June
Nearest Airport to Bir: Kangra Airport, Dharamshala
Paragliding Cost in Bir: Rs 1,500/- to Rs 2,500/-


A small yet beautiful place 3 hours away from Chennai, Yellagiri should be your next destination for Paragliding in India. Yellagiri offers a green and beautiful view when you sail in the air 2200 meters above the ground level, it’s truly magical.

Best time to visit Yellagiri: November to February
Nearest Airport to Yellagiri: MAA Airport, Chennai
Paragliding Cost in Yellagiri: Starting cost is Rs 1,200/-


Unchain the bird in you and experience paragliding in Panchgani. A little ahead of Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is a beautiful town offering a serene view from the top.

Best time to visit Panchgani: September to February
Nearest Airport to Panchgani: Mumbai and Pune
Paragliding Cost in Panchgani: Rs 2000/- onwards

You can also experience Paragliding in Kamshet, Manali, Rohtang, Nainital, Ranikhet, and Mussoorie.

5. Trekking

Let’s talk about the most talked about adventure each one of us want to experience at least ones in our lives. Trekking through the magnificent mountain ranges makes you appreciate every second of your life and the experience. People across the world come and settle in India for years just to explore the snow-capped Himalayans on foot and reach the top just to witness the whole galaxy shine like diamonds through naked eyes. Yes, that’s true! Let me take you through some of the most famous trek ranges in India.


Chadar Zanskar Frozen River Trek

Chadar, the Frozen River Trek is not for everyone. The mother of treks, the trail starts from 10,827 ft and takes you up to 16,568 ft. the trek definitely requires a lot of experience and training. Get ready to thrill yourself by walking on a frozen river and trek through the Kargil area. Chadar is one of the best experiences for any human on earth.

Best time to go for Chadar-Zanskar Trek: Mid May to mid-October
Nearest Airport: Leh
Trek Level: Moderate to Challenging
Trek Time: 4-5 days

Gangotri Gomukh

Trekker’s favorite trek located right at the heart of the Himalayas, Gangotri Gomukh Trek is the most repeated trek destination in India. Though the trek level is quite difficult, the magnificent Gangotri Glaciers and the originating point of River Ganga compels the travelers to come back, again and again. The 17 km route will treat you with landscapes straight out of heaven and you will come back with a truck full of memories. Exercise and prep well before you get ready to pack your bags and leave for Gangotri, it’s not a child’s game.

Best time to go for Gangotri Gomukh Trek: May to June and mid-August to October
Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant AIrport, Dehradoon
Trek Level: Challenging
Trek Time: 4-6 days


Roopkund Trek India

Wear your trekking shoes and leave straight away for Roopkund Trek to experience a sight that’ll never leave your memory. In case you’re looking for company, don’t worry you’ll find a lot of human skeletons on the way, accompanying you through the trek. No Kidding! Around 500 human skeletons were found around the “Mystery Lake” and you can spot a few during the trek. Excited much? Well, this is also one of the most beautiful and picturesque treks you will ever take. It’s worth every effort, trust me!

Best time to go for Roopkund Trek: May to September
Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant AIrport, Dehradoon
Trek Level: Moderate to Difficult
Trek Time: 8 days

Nanda Devi Trek

Nothing less than, Nanda Devi trek is synonymous to heavenly. But this trek isn’t for amateurs, it’s for professional and experienced trekkers only.

Best time to go for Nanda Devi Trek: April to June, September to October
Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant AIrport, Dehradoon
Trek Level: Very Difficult
Trek Time: 12-14 days

Goecha La Trek

Goecha La is nothing less than a stairway to heaven. This 90km long trek will satiate your thirst for extreme adventure and rekindle every part of your soul. Goecha La Sikkim Trek is honestly one of the most difficult treks even for the experienced adventure explorers also.

Best time to go for Goecha La Trek: April to May, October to November
Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport
Trek Level: Very Difficult
Trek Time: 11-12 days

6. Bungee Jumping

Are you a sucker for extreme adventures? Do you like to challenge yourself with difficulty? If yes, Bungee Jumping is just the right adventure sport for you. Dive down the air and experience chills running through your spine in the real sense of the words. Here’s where you can experience Bungee Jumping in India


Bungee Jumping in India

Rishikesh is one of the best and highest Bungee Jumping locations in India. The jumping space is located on a rocky cliff, adding more thrill to this already adventurous activity.

Best time to visit Rishikesh for Bungee Jumping: September to November
Nearest Airport to Rishikesh: Dehradoon
Bungee Jumping Cost in Rishikesh: Rs 3,000/- per person.


Della Adventures in Lonavala has multiple adventure sports to offer and one of the most thrilling ones is Bungee Jumping.

Best time to visit Lonavala for Bungee Jumping: Throughout the year
Nearest Airport to Lonavala: Pune
Bungee Jumping Cost in Lonavala: Rs 1,200/- per person.


Another amazing place to try out Bungee Jumping is Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh. If you’re an amateur, the thrill of experiencing Bungee Jumping in Jagdalpur is unmatched.

Best time to visit Jagdalpur for Bungee Jumping: Throughout the year
Nearest Airport to Jagdalpur: Visakhapatnam Airport
Bungee Jumping Cost in Jagdalpur: Rs 300/- per person.

Suggested Read: Top Places For Bungee Jumping In India

If you want to experience something more, consider going for a few uncommon adventure sports in India like Caving, Rock Climbing, and Flying Fox. Fasten your seat belts, folks and get ready to sprinkle some thrill in your otherwise dull life. Ditch your foreign trip for now and make memories at these adventure sports destination in India.


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Few Quotes For Women’s Day Speech That Make A Mark!

The Women’s day celebrations are in full swing now, considering that it is not even a few hours away. Lots of programs, campaigns, articles and videos on feminism, women’s rights, how to make women feel special, the atrocities meted out to women were hosted/released in the last few weeks. There has also been lots of those special moments, awesome Women’s Day speech and women’s march organized in all corners of the world. On our part, we thought of sharing a few quotes and ideas on International Women’s Day in our own way.

Before we delve into the list of amazing quotes that will get you all pumped up, here are the best Women’s Day Offers to choose from. Celebrate yourself and all the women in your life, because they deserve all the pampering in the world.

Inspiring quotes for Women’s Day speech

Here are a few inspiring quotes that describe a strong girl/woman in each and every stage of her life. And yes, you can also use these if you are going to be a part of any Women’s day campaign or if you are going to give a Women’s Day speech:

When She Is Just A Baby girl
You Go Girl

the baby girl - Women’s Day speech

Being A School Girl
“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare

school going girl - Women’s Day speech

The Teenage girl
Just Breathe. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find a solution to your problems, and capable enough to do what needs to be done.

the teenage girl - Women’s Day speech

Life Of A Middle-Aged Girl
“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” – Oprah Winfrey

middle aged girl - Women’s Day speech

Life After Marriage
“Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

married women - Women’s Day speech

Life As A Mother
Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

life as a mother - Women’s Day speech

Being A Grandma

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

being a grandma - Women’s Day speech

Breaking free from the stereotype is important and that is what the quotes talk about, being free, being bold and being confident – #BeBoldForChange. Have any other quotations in mind for Women’s Day speech? Do share with us.

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Memorable Revolutionary Marches For Women’s Rights – Happy Women’s Day

Here’s wishing all the ladies out there a Happy Women’s Day in advance. Have you ever been a part of a march for atrocities against women, or been a part of women empowerment programs or anything in the same line? Irrespective of your answer being yes or no, you must be aware of the hurdles that revolutionaries taking part in such projects face. Salute to the indomitable spirit of the people who support such initiatives. Well, the revolutionary marches and empowerment programs are not new at all. There have been lots of such marches and revolutions in the past as well. They say, actions speak louder than words, but sometimes speaking up takes more courage than ever. It all starts with quotes, speeches, and marches.

Take a leaf out of these strong women and their defiant displays of courage, bravery and above all else, standing up for what’s right. No amount of words are enough to praise these strong women, however, as a gesture of goodwill, choose from the best Women’s Day Offers and get them something special!

Happy Women’s Day would not have been happy but for these women!

We celebrate a day for women and wish each other a happy Women’s Day on the 8th of March every year. But, none of these would have been possible without the protests and revolutions by women and even men. There have been several progressive demonstrations in the past, be it during the revolutionary days in France or the modern day Argentina and India. Every day women around the world are tired of hearing the same old drab, disguised as jokes.

1. Washington DC Women’s Suffrage Parade – This march was held only by women on the 3rd of March, 1913 for allowing women the right to vote. Thousands of women took part in this march and several other afterward and a major one again in 1915, following which women were granted the right to vote in the 19th amendment, 1920. Around 100 women from this march (1913) had to be hospitalized because the spectators unable to stand such a progressive idea had attacked them!happy womens day - suffrage parade

2. Icelandic Women’s Strike – Gender gap has always been a problem and the women of Iceland had taken it upon themselves to protest against such gender bias in places of work and politics. Back then in 1975, women in Iceland were underrepresented in governmental roles and were underpaid in places of work. So, they decided to call it “Woman’s Day Off” on the 24th of October, 1975 in order to make their importance noticeable to the society. 25,000 women took to the streets of Reykjavik and almost all of the women kept away from all kinds of work that day, be it at their workplace or home. There hasn’t been any immediate change, but they saw their first female president in 5 years. The pay gap exists till now, though.

Happy Womens Day - Icelandic Women’s Strike

3. New Delhi Mass Protests for Violence Against Women – Several marches and protests were held in New Delhi, on the 14th of February, 2013 against women’s violence. This time it was mainly held in protest of the brutal gang rape of a woman in the capital city of India. And the protests were held equally by both women and men when the city was filled with the chant “Wake up New Delhi and rise up against violence”. These marches were held as a protest against the Indian laws that fall short in addressing the atrocities meted out to women.

New Delhi Mass Protests for Violence Against Women

4. Protests against abortion ban in Poland – Poland introduced a ban on abortion and a prison sentence of 5 years for those who undergo an abortion. Women in Poland took part in a protest against this ban on the 3rd of October, 2016, resulting in a backtracking and final rejection of the ban. They resumed the protests yet again with placards saying “My Body My Choice” when a new proposal banning abortion in the case of abnormalities and when there is no chance of the fetus to survive, was introduced.

Protests against abortion ban in Poland

More on Happy Women’s Day

Not only the marches, women has also taken to social media channels to express their thoughts, their ideologies of being independent and strong. Recently, the likes of Monali Thakur and Disha Patani were trolled by their so called fans for their dressing style. Their answer to such comments have been strong enough to prove that the dressing sense of a woman can never be questioned. What needs to be questioned and changed is the society and its thoughts. The Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson faced a similar situation where critics opined that by posing in a revealing dress for the Vanity Fair magazine, she has betrayed her feminist ideals. She shot back at the critics with a strong message “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality.” Way to go girl! There’s also been this latest social media campaign – #ShaveYourOpinion to support women and their choice of clothes, against the body shamers and people who judge women on the basis of their dressing. This campaign has sent out a strong message to all the body shamers – shave your opinion rather than making it!


Thanks for reading this post and once again a Happy Women’s Day to all the women out there in advance.

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Top Places For Bungee Jumping In India: The Ultimate Deal Breaker For The Adventurous Soul

For all those who watched the movie ‘Up’ and believe in the saying, ‘Adventure is out there’, you know you should prolly push yourself and dive in the adventure pool. For they say it’s never too late, but why wait when you possibly can get the best taste of adrenaline rush soon? Jumping from the highest points in India, gliding through fresh air, your adrenaline rushing, heartbeat racing, and blood gushing through your veins, a sense of fear and excitement exploding in you, a time when you rethink your decision a gazillion times, well, that is what bungee jumping does to you.

So, why do people do bungee jumping, isn’t it scary? Of course, it can be but the things you are scared of are usually the most worthwhile. But what is bungee jumping to the adventure junkies? Why do they sign up for something like that? Because it’s an adventure sport worth every penny, every moment, or just many other things that means something special to them. Thrill seekers who love free falling, absolutely love this activity for it is exhilarating and mind-blowing.

Let’s jump and dive and fly through the sky.

bungee jumping locations in India

Breathtaking jumps, once in a lifetime experience, scared and excited faces, and a thrilled soul; not your everyday kinda thing but is definitely worth striking off your bucket list.  For all the moments when your friend told you about their bungee jumping experience and you wished you had done it too. For the times when you missed planning unexpected trips to perfect places and indulging in out-of-the-world adventures. Don’t you ever wish you could do the unthinkable, maybe just relish in a beautiful experience that you could share as a story? It’s time to buckle up, literally, for the ultimate bungee jumping experience in India. While you are at it, maybe take time to plan and book your adventure ahead, so that you can save. With our list of top places for bungee jumping in India, your holiday is sure sorted. Let’s go on an adventure and bungee jump from the highest point in India.

List Of Top Bunjee Jumping Locations In India

  1. Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh
  2. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa
  3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, Karnataka
  4. Wanderlust, Delhi
  5. Della Adventure in Lonavala, Maharashtra
  6. JumpiN Heights in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, Uttarakand

It’s time to go on adventure, one at a time.

1. Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh

Bungee jumping

For all your first times or tryouts, Jagdalpur is the best place for you. Being one of the famous bungee jumping locations in India, this place indeed has a lot to offer. Be it a great experience or a fun journey, the jump zone here is considered easy. This place will help you shed off the fear or anxiety of heights, or maybe even the whole bungee jumping attempt. It’s not just bungy jumping you are signing up for, you can also take a peak of stellar views of majestic mountains and gushing rivers of Chattisgarh when you jump.

Bungee jumping height: 30 Metres

Cost per person: Rs. 300

Best time to visit: May to July and September to October

2. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa

Bungee jumping in Goa

The Gravity ozone in Goa is all about pumping up your adrenaline up, real high, you jump from permanent tower rather than a platform. What’s better? It is located near the Anjuna beach in Goa and is considered as one of the best adventure places in India. For all those who stay in Goa or are visiting the place, don’t miss on experiencing the actual bungee jumping in Goa at the gravity zone.

Bungee jumping height: 25 Metres

Cost per person: Rs. 500

Best time to visit:  October to March

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, Karnataka

bungee jumping in Bangalore

If you really plan on going on a thrill ride and thought you could get more pumped or excited, then Bangalore has something incredible in store for you. Well, for starters there’s no fixed platform to jump from rather you jump from a mobile crane. To add up to that, considered one of the best adventure places in India, bungee jumping in Bangalore comes second to the bungee jumping in Rishikesh.

Bungee jumping height: A 40 Metre crane with 25-meter platform below ( Not for the faint-hearted).

Cost per person: Rs. 400

Best time to visit:  Throughout the year

4. Wanderlust, Delhi

Bungee jumping in Delhi

For all the decent yet not so scary jumps, bungee jumping in Delhi is the perfect pick for you. All the trainers are highly professional and well trained as per the international bungee jumping standards. And what’s totally amazing? You get a certificate along with a t-shirt and a cap after your jump.

Bungee jumping height: 130 ft

Cost per person: Rs. 1500

Best time to visit: October to March

5. Della Adventure in Lonavala, Maharashtra

Bungee jumping in Lonavala

At Della adventure park, bungee jumping is one of the most famous attractions. With best of jumping spots for the perfect jump, and the of view of the hill station, you sure wouldn’t want to miss this.

Bungee jumping height: 45 Metres

Cost per person:  Rs. 2500

Best time to visit:  October to May

6. Jumpin Heights in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, Uttarakand

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh has been rated to be one of the best/ preferred bungee spots in India. The platform is built on a rocky cliff, giving it the maximum height, makes it so much worth it for the jump. Rishikesh stands as India’s highest bungee jumping locations in India till date. What gives you a reason not to try out bungee jumping here? If you truly are all that adventurous within you honestly can’t afford to miss this one out.

Bungee jumping height: 83 Metres

Cost per person: Rs. 2500

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Well, that sums up the list of best bungee jumping spots in India. Do gather up all your spirits and give this a shot? That take leap for you never know what you are getting yourself into, you might even thank yourself for it.


^ Or maybe not? Let’s find out.


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