[Updated] Top 10 Latest Mobiles In India| March 2019

Did you know there are over 300 million smartphone users, out of which 70 million are 4G uses? India is already the second largest 4G market in Asia and the world, behind China (704 million).  With 52 million mobile users, Jio ranks 3rd in India with 280 million subs, and ninth largest in the world. And with the availability of the latest 4G mobiles in India, 4G connectivity has become the new battleground for smartphone makers ever since Reliance Jio raged a war so as to compete in the low-cost segment.

From Xiaomi and Motorola to Lenovo and Microsoft, smartphone manufacturers are combatively pushing their 4G smartphones to the Indian market in a bid to sustain the rat race. Our list top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India may help you pick a right phone for you.

4G became a household name after Mukesh Ambani announced Jio for free that includes 4G services as well as talk time. Soon after 4G became the upgrade of the year, persuading at least 5 out of 10 smartphone users to upgrade their 3G phone to 4G. By December 2016, the total number of 4G users in India had crossed 70 million. As per a report published in Economic Times, 4G to account for 17% of India’s total user base by 2020 followed by 4G revenues to reach Rs 80K crore. To know more about Reliance JIO 4G phones, click here.

If you are yet to own a 4G smartphone and cannot decide which one to buy, here are your options. We have listed down the top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India, which offer the right balance of connectivity and performance apart from long battery life, high-end camera quality and latest design.

These handsets have been hand-picked by us out of the umpteen 4G smartphones available in the Indian market and should offer you the best performance worthy of your budget in this price segment. We’ve only covered phones that support 4G LTA network such as that of Jio, Airtel 4G, Vodafone 4G.

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Here’s the list of top 10 latest mobiles in India as of March 2019:

  1. iPhone XS Max
  2. Google Pixel 3 XL
  3. Samsung Galaxy 10
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  5. Samsung Note 9
  6. Samsung Galaxy S9
  7. Google Pixel 2 XL
  8. OnePlus 6T
  9. LG V40 ThinQ
  10. Apple iPhone XR

 1. iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max



 2. Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3XL


3. Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung galaxy s10


4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

huawei mate 20 pro



5. Samsung Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9



6. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung galaxy s9



 7. Google Pixel 2 XL

pixel google 2xl



 8. OnePlus 6T

oneplus 6t



9. LG V40 ThinQ

lg thinq v40


10. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone Xr


So those were the top 10 latest 4G mobiles in India. Hope you found this post useful! Let us know which one you are going to buy and let us know an extended review in the comments section!

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